In Ladan’s last show before she joins the real world, Omar quizzes her on obscure video games - with mentions of the Gizmondo, Awesome Possum Kicks Dr. Machino’s Butt!, Punky Skunk, M.U.S.C.U.L.E, Butcher Icebone, and Sticky Balls.

We also reminisce about her Ladan’s first appearance on the show when she played Chubby Cherub on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in Super Apprentice, there is also chat about using Windows 8 and Microsoft Paint in Learning with Ladan and, if all that isn’t enough, Omar talks about indie game Oneiric Gardens, developed by Lilith which gives off a 90’s-Sega-Saturn-type-3D-vibe. There is also a mention for Whitney Chavis, and her Guinness World Record breaking Silent Hill collection.

Oneiric Gardens

Made by a developer called Lilith, Oneiric Garden is a surreal experience. It looks like a game on the Sega Saturn. Rough textures, blocky buildings, mismatched everything. That was the first thing I loved about this game. Developed Lilith say the game is based on interpretations of landscapes, drawn ”from half-remembered spaces, feelings.” You role in this game is to explore these spaces, with each world connected and see what they have to offer. It’s a small world, but gloriously looking especially if you appreciate 3d graphics from the 90s. And the atmosphere thick and heavy as a deep sleep. So get lost and download Oneiric Gardens at It’ll run on Mac, pc and linux.

Prison break knew how to make anything dramatic. Even a birdbath.

Press Start: Episode 45 - Ladan is back

Another day, another show! Today, Ladan rejoins the show after he trip to Iran. So Omar quizes her on all things Iran. Also Super Apprentice is back with Ladan trying to complete Lego Lord of the Rings ont he Gameboy Advanced.

Press Pause is back too with Ladan talking about how she stalked B.J. Novak from The Office at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. There is also talk about point and adventure game Detective Grimoire and a Doctor Who Dating game - only it isn’t. There’s also a mention for Japanese indie game Lizard Girl.

Press Start: Episode 44 - Becoming the greatest comic in the world

In this show, Omar Sattaur tried to become the greatest comic in the world in the game ‘Comic Quest’. After he fails that he decides life as a Pirate might be more suited to him, so he downloads ‘Pixel Piracy’. After embarrassing himself as a Pirate, Omar calls up Gareth Ladd Chelmsford’s Premier games collector to talk about another re-make in ‘Grand Thief Auto 5’ for the PS4.

There’s also news about a cool Gameboy-looking title called Roguelight, we’re you show off your skills on your bow and arrow - Omar failed on that too.